Academic Scholarships

Who is eligible for Trevecca's academic scholarships for degree-completion students?

To be eligible the adult learner must meet each of the following requirements:

  1. The adult learner must be enrolled in one of the following:
    • Management and Human Relations
    • Computer Information Technology
    • Health Information Technology
  2. Have previously completed two semesters of twelve hours or more
  3. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00
  4. Maintain a GPA of 3.00 or higher in the degree-completion program

What is the scholarship worth?

Scholarship values are based on the adult learner's cumulative GPA.

Academic Scholarship GPA Required Semester Amount
Prestige 3.60 $2,700
Merit 3.40 $1,750
Performance 3.20 $1,250
Recognition 3.00 $750

How will I know if I've been awarded an academic scholarship?

Your admission advisor will inform you if you've been awarded an academic scholarship and it will appear in your financial aid award letter.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my eligibility for an academic scholarship?

Contact the admission advisor who oversees your region.